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Good Time chords

Counting Crows

Album:New Amsterdam


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Good Time

Riff 1: 
Riff 2: 
Intro: Dm F Dm F Verse 1: Dm C The gentle man caller in the blue suede shoes Gm F He don't know what to do - he just wants to look good for you Dm C So he rushes in to tell you what he did today, Gm F But he can't think of what to say. I think you'll listen anyway Chorus 1: Gm Bb F C Gm He wants to have a good time just like everybody Bb F C He doesn't want to fall apart Verse 2: Dm C You watch him as he stutters over what to say Gm F It's just a little game you play. It's no easier for you some days (Riff 1) Dm C You wish that you could tell him it'll be okay Gm F But you feel a little shy these days cause everybody goes away Chorus 2: Gm Bb F C Oh You just wanna have a good time just like everybody Gm Bb F C else You don't wanna to fall apart this time Solo chords: (key of F) Dm F Dm F Dm F Dm F Verse 3: Dm C I can look into your eyes and see the mess we're in Gm Well, darling if it's shit came out F (Riff 2) Then I suppose that it's shit went in Dm C Even though I couldn't say I've been the places that you've been Gm F You know he made my heart real strong even if he made my head real thin Chorus 3: Gm Bb F C Gm I want to have a good time just like everybody Bb F C And I don't wanna fall apart Gm Bb F C Gm Bb Oh... I wanna have a good time just like everybody else F C Gm And I don't wanna fall apart this time so would you please invite me in Outro Chorus: (repeat as necessary) Gm Bb F I really love the red haired girls C Gm I'm just another boy from Texas Bb F C Gm Come on and take a spin I got a brand new set of wings
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