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INTRO:  F#    B   Bmaj7   F#   B    Bmaj7


F#                                         B                         C#
Standing   here  helpless   where  do  I   go,  if  you  leave  me  alone.

F#                                                 B                       F#
Where  do  I  turn  now,  if  it  don't  work  out.  As  far  as  I  can  see

A                                   B
This  isn't  the  way  that  you  said  it  would  be.  

          C#                      F#     C#                G#m7      F# B
CHORUS:  Don't  leave  me  like  this,  don't  leave  me  stranded.

                     F#               C#             G#m7    F#  B
If  you  walk  away  now  you'll  leave  me  empty  handed.

                         F#    C#                 B
Don't  leave  me  like  this  don't  leave  me  stranded.  Don't

Leave  me  now,  don't  leave  me.

VERSE 2:  Wasn't it you who brought me here, to the place lovers go.  Just 
looks at these arms reaching out to you.  You said that you;d always care, 
I just turned arouond and there's nobody there...

CHORDS for last chorus (up 1/2 note)  

                    C/D                            G
Don't   leave   me  like  don't  leave  me  like  this,  

D                  Am7       G/B C
Don't  leave  me  stranded

                D     G                  D                Am7   G/B C
If  you  walk  away  now  you'll  leave  me  empty  handed

C                 C/D    G      D                 C(add D)
Don't  leave  me  like  this,  don't  leave  me  stranded.   Stranded

Don't  leave  me  like  this ... no ....

C/D: xx0010
G/B: x2x033
C(add D): x32030
Bbmaj7: x12321
G#m7: 464444
C#: x46664 or x43212
F#: 244322
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