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Chip Away The Stone

(E  B   C#m  A) 

I saw you standing there I wondered who you were 
You looked right through me and I think we can concur 
That you donít know my name my claim to fame but Iím not the same 
As all the other guys who play the game but look so lame 

A                             B 
And see what they became 

E                  B                       A 
Now its begun and I am the one 
                    B                  E 
Your only hero on the stage 
                B                          A 
I canít complain out in the sun 
                          B                       E 
The lights donít shine for everyone 
                         B                    A            B 
They shine on me For all to see its history 
               E                            B 
Now its begun and I am the one 
               A                  B                  E 
I am the one I am the one I am the one 

(E  B   C#m  A) 
So now the tables turned and you know who I am 
The boy who made the grade and now you give a damn 
But hey its much too late to make that date accept your fate 
Your just another girl that I donít rate and wrapped in hate 
Obsessed about her weight  
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