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verse 1 

B        E       
  I Am A critic 

D            A                  B 
   Of my own critical need to define myself 

     E                    D 
With wine, and words, and lovers, 

And friends who don't understand 

B                  E 
  So there, I just said it 

D                 A 
  You know that admitting the problem 

       B                    Em 
Is the first step towards repair 

"We all recover" 

        F#                           Bm 
Say the friends turned to wine-drunk lovers 

G                  D              F# 
Smile, tell me I'm alright with a goodbye 

You are so misleading 

G             D                        A 
  A kiss or a gun fight - high-noon or midnight 
         D               G 
Darling, I don't want to know 

              D                F# 
If I'm just a short sight on a cold night 

The canals are freezing 

G                D              A 
  So tell me I'm alright with a goodbye 

B, E, D, A 

Verse Two  

Bm        Em 
   Am I A villain 

D             A 
  Cast among heroes 

                  Bm             Em          D 
With all of their underwhelming, overbearing struggles 

To become what they'll never be? 

Bm                E 
   Friends to the wicked 

D            A                     Bm 
  Caution is calling, but nobody's home, 

               Em               D 
The lights are off, the party's over, 

Now you're stuck plucking three leaf clovers 



Em               G 
  You've got the high ground 

D               A 
  And I'm on my best defence 

   Em             G 
But I dare you to come down, 

D                  A 
  I'll give you an eye for an eye, 

      C            G 
If it makes things easy 

Bm, D, F# 

G              D              A 
Smile, tell me alright with a goodbye...  
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