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Chicken On The Ground ukulele

Billy Joe Shaver

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Chicken On The Ground

Verse 1: 
      G                                       C/G 
	There's an old familiar hillside overlooking Emhouse,Texas 
                 G                                   D 
	Where i left some childhood memories layin' round 
              G                              C/G 
	I can almost hear the singing,i can still remember praying 
                G                                D              G    
	At them old campground meetings eatin' chicken on the ground 

      G            D                        G 
	With them hallelujahs ringin',everybody shoutin',singin' 
	Give me that old time religion,Jesus loves me,this i know 
              G                               C/G 
	When life was finger-lickin' good and God lived in our neighborhood 
                G                                D              C/G  
	At them old campground meetin's eatin' chicken on the ground 
Verse 2: 
      G                                       C/G 
	I can still remember feelin' all that happiness inside me 
                 G                                   D   
	When i praised the Lord and laid my burdens down 
                   G                              C/G      
	But that chicken must have tasted better than the word of God 
                         G                              D               G 
	'Cause it went slippin' through my fingers and rollin' on the ground 
Verse 3: 
      G                             C/G  
	I reckon everyone of us can call back or remember 
	          G                                 D   
	When the taste and smell of youth was all around 
               G                         C/G  
	And i reckon in our own way everyone of us is payin' now 
             G                                   D            G 
	For eatin' chicken  and not listenin' to old Parson Brown 
Chorus (x3). 
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