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Verse 1: 
  Dm D5    Dm                      C/G 
	To evergreen fields of my youth i will sing 
            Bb                         A     
	My steps left no footprints behind 
            Dm                       C/G   
	No fruit of the harvest lent weight to my pockets 
               Bb                         A  
	Small knowledge was stowed in my mind 
             F                      Dm    
	Now youth has forsaken this old man 
            F                        Dm 
	My seasons are numbered by three 
            F                            Dm   
	No seeds have been sown in the plowed fields 
                       C/G        Dm 
	No harvest is waiting for me 
Verse 2: 
         Dm                       C/G  
	A cripple for life is the fate of the loner 
             Bb                         A 
	No fruit will be borne by his tree 
               Dm                             C/G   
	These foughts pierce my mind while in echoes of memories 
            Bb                           A   
	A young voice too late calls to me 
              F                              Dm     
	Come run through my dream fields,you old man 
          F                       Dm   
	Search beyond your windowsill 
            F                            Dm    
	Go touch my high moutains and valleys 
                             C/G        Dm    
	Come sleep 'neath my evergreen fields 
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