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Silver Wings Of Time

Verse 1: 
      F                                    C/G  
	The evening sun is sinking,moving homeward 
                     Dm                           A 
	As darkened shadows claim the fight they won 
                      F                              C/G  
	With upturned eyes closed from the light of darkness 
                         Dm         A7              Dm  
	And two crossed hands that raised another's son 
Verse 2: 
                 F                       C/G    
	Gone,oh gone the one who really loved me 
                   Dm                       A 
	For what i was not what i ought to be 
                    F                          C/G     
	Who never questioned falling leaves in autumn 
                    Dm         A7           Dm 
	Nor silver nests built on a dying tree 
Verse 3: 
                    F                           C/G     
	In gingham gown she warmed me from the coldness 
                    Dm                          A 
	The winter nights seemed warm as summertime 
		 F                        C/G 
	Another love will never touch as deeply 
	              Dm      A7              Dm      
	As love that flew on silver wings of time 
Verse 4: 
                    F                         C/G   
	On pension for the aged she raised a young man 
                         Dm                     A   
	Who learned the love of God and other things 
                      F                                C/G  
	Now,love he knew that twelve times warmed his winter 
                    Dm     A7                 Dm      
	Has flown away on time's bright silver wings  
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