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When The Fallen Angels Fly ukulele

Billy Joe Shaver

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When The Fallen Angels Fly

Verse 1: 
      D                         A                                D  
	I have climbed so many moutains,just to reach the other side 
                                          A                               D 
	And i've near drowned myself in freedom,just to feed my foolish pride 
                                   G                                D  
	On my journey through the darkness,i have finally seen the light 
                              A                                D  
	I know no one's ever loved me like you're loving me tonight 
Verse 2: 
      D                              A                               D 
	There is something you must tell me,you think i won't understand 
                                       A                          D  
	How you found such worldy pleasures,in the arms of other men 
                              G                                     D 
	I would never try to judge you,we have both been wrong and right 
                                  A                               D 
	But i know no one's ever loved you like i'm loving you tonight 
Verse 3: 
      D                           G                                   D  
	God will save His fallen angels,and their broken wings He'll mend 
                                      E                              A  
	When He draws their hearts together and they learn to love again 
                                   G                         D 
	All their sins will be forgiven in the twinkle of an eye 
                                   A                             D 
	All the saints rejoice in Heaven,when the fallen angels fly 
Verse 4: 
      D                         A                            D     
	There's a story in the bible,about the eagle growing old 
                                  A                                      D 
	How it grows new sets of feathers,then becomes both young and strong 
                                     G                              D 
	Then it spreads its mightly wing span out across the open sky 
                                   A                             D  
	We will have the wings of eagles,when the fallen angels fly 
Verse 5: 
      D                         G                          D  
	When the fallen angels fly,when the fallen angels fly 
                                   A                             D 
	We will have the wings of eagles when the fallen angels fly  
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