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All About You

  Cm7                              Am 
I know girl when you look at me you don't know how I feel 
         Cm7                       Am 
'cause I'm usually so nonchalant my feelings I conceal 
                  F                     G      G7 
but I want you to know Oh I want you to know 

  Cm7                             Am 
I must admit I've felt this way for more than quite a while 
      Cm7                           Am 
but I can't hold it no longer when I see your pretty smile 
              F                       G     G7 
can't wait no more oh i can't wait no more 

Cm7                  A7                     F 
Girl to tell you the truth It's always been you 
              G7      Cm7          A7                  F 
I'm all about you oh girl no one can do me the way you do 
it's always been you I'm all about you 

Cm7                         Am 
Maybe i'm a fool for speaking up... but i don't mind 
         Cm7                               Am 
'cause a girl like you will come around like once in a million times 
             F                     G   G7 
so what do i do tell me what do i do 

       Cm7                                Am 
and the look that you are giving me gives me hope to believe 
           Cm7                             Am 
i said for you baby i'll change my ways i'll wear my heart on my sleeve 
               F                     G    G7 
got nothing to lose i got nothing to lose 

               Em                                  Am 
Girl when you smile there's not a place i'd rather be 
                Em                                   Am 
just stay for a while and you'll see that you should be 
right here with me 'cause i love everything you do 
             Cm7    Cm7/B     Am 
that's why i had to take this time 
G         F                  G 
baby, to tell ya and now you know 
and now you know! 

Cm7        Am          F      G7 
  oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I'm all about you  
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