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Right Here Waiting For You chords

Bryan Adams

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Right Here Waiting For You


G	 D/F#	            Em
Oceans apart, day after day
        C	D       G
And I slowly go insane
G            D/F#	        Em
I hear your voice, on the line
          C	   D      Em/G
But it doesn't stop the pain
	     Am	      Em
If I see you next to never
	     Am       D
how can we say forever

Guitar 1 refrain:
 G	    D/F#               Em
Wherever you go, whatever you do
	   C		 D	    G
I will be right here, waiting for you
G	    D/F#               Em
Whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks
	   C		D	  Em/G
I will be right here waiting for you

Verse 2:
G	    D/F#               Em
I took for granted, all The times
        C	   	D     G
That I thought would last somehow
G	    D/F#               Em
I hear the laughter, I taste the tears
      C	D         Em/G
But I can't get near you now
	      Am		Em
Oh can't you see it baby,
	        Am	      	D
You've got me going crazy

Play refrain: C D Am7 (Last verse of chorus)

Am7	Bm7	    C/G	             Bbass
I wonder how we can survive, this romance
Am7	   Bm7           C/G		             D
But in the end if I'm with you, I'll take the chance

Play refrain chords

	     Am	   Em
Oh you can't see it baby
	       Am		D
You've got me going crazy

Play refrain 2x
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