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Album:Live 2012


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Intro:  (Eb Bbm Fm) (4x)    


Eb Bbm Fm Lights go out and I can't be saved, tides that I tried to swim against Eb Bbm Fm Eb Brought me down upon my knees, oh I beg I beg and plead -singing Bbm Fm Eb Come out if things aren't said, shoot an apple off my head - and a Bbm Fm trouble that can't be named, a tiger's waiting to be tamed - singing Eb Bbm Fm you are (2x) (Eb Bbm Fm) (2x) Eb Bbm Fm Eb Confusion that never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks - gonna Bbm Fm Eb come back and take you home, I could not stop that you now know - singing Bbm Fm Eb Come out upon my seas, Curse missed opportunities - am I Bbm Fm a part of the cure, or am I a part of the disease? - singing Eb Bbm Fm you are (4x) (Eb Bbm Fm) (2x) Eb Bbm Fm you are (2x) Gb Db9 Ab and nothing else compares Gb Db9 Ab oh no, nothing else compares Gb Db9 Ab Gb and nothing else compa___ares (Eb Bbm Fm) (4x) Eb Bbm Fm you are (2x) Eb Bbm Fm Home, home, where I wanted to go (4x) Final: Eb Bbm Fm
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