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You Know I'm Right ukulele

David Gilmour

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You Know I'm Right

(Segundo a lenda, essa canção foi feita como uma espécie de resposta 
 a Roger Waters e suas atitudes) 
(intro Em  D) 
Em       D         Em         D        Em      (D Em D Em) 
You can scream and shout with all your might 
     D      Em        D       Em       (D Em D Em) 
Dig in your heels and hold on tight 
       D       Em       D    C7+         Em 
Either you are wrong or I am right 
     D        Em           D   Em      (D Em D Em) 
You speak the lines you've overheard 
    D       Em       D     Em    (D Em D Em) 
The ring of truth in every word 
    D           Em        D        C7+        G7+   A7+ 
You know you're right and that's absurd 
                                       G7+   A7+ 
We really seem to have a problem here 
                      F7+   G7+ 
But it is you or me 
                                        F7+   G7+ 
Whatever I have going through my mind 
                             G7+   A7+ 
You always have to disagree 
                               G7+   A7+ 
It's just a matter of opinions 
                        F7+    G7+ 
It's not a simple fact 
                                         F7+  G7+ 
Why don't you try to see the other side 
                        F4 F   Em     F4 F    (Em  D) 
Don't turn your back 
Em         D       Em     D      Em      (D Em D Em) 
Now we survey this silent battleground 
  D    Em      D   Em         (D Em D Em) 
Recriminations all around 
    D        Em         D  C7+        G7+   A7+ 
And still no compromise is found 
                              G7+   A7+ 
Now we really have a problem 
                             F7+   G7+ 
And it won't just disappear 
                                                 F7+   G7+ 
And all the friends we thought we could rely on 
                               G7+   A7+ 
Just want to whisper in my ear 
                                  G7+   A7+ 
"It's just a matter of opinions 
                                F7+   G7+ 
You know you keep both in sight 
                                           F7+   G7+ 
Why should you bother with the other side 
                                  (F  Em) 
When you know yours is right." 
Contribuição: Matheus Vignali([email protected]) 
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