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Fragile Tension ukulele

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Album:Sounds Of The Universe


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Fragile Tension

(intro) G#m 

There's a fragile tension 
                    E     B     Eb     Gm 
That's keeping us going 
It may not last forever 
                     E     B     Eb 
But oh, when it's flowing 

Ebm                 Gm           Eb 
There's something magical in the air 

(fill) C#m   F# 

Ebm            Gm               Eb 
Something so tragic we have to care 

(fill) C#m   F#   G#m 

There's a strange obsession 
                     E     B     Eb     Gm 
That's drawing us nearer 
We don't understand it 
                 E     B     Eb 
It never gets clearer 

Ebm                 Gm              Eb 
There's something mystical in our genes 

(fill) C#m   F# 

Ebm    Gm                    Eb 
So simplistic it kicks and screams 

(fill) C#m   F# 

Gm               F# 
Oh when we're teetering 
E                 Eb 
On the edge of collapse 
C#           B       Bb       G#m 
Nothing can keep us down 

There's a dizzying feeling 
                    E     B     Eb     Gm 
That's keeping us flying 
Through glittering gardens 
               E     B     Eb 
Without even trying 

Ebm                 Gm             Eb 
There's something radical in our hands 

(fill) C#m   F# 

Ebm       Gm             Eb 
Nothing logical to our plans 

(fill) C#m   F# 

( G#m ) 


      F#    G#    A#    C#    B 

(also, at regular intervals through the verse, Mart plays this tiny riff, with or without 
at different points) 

       F#     F#     G#    G#   A#    A#    C#   B 

(the Chorus chord progression is the same as the verse progression; the chords are played 
distortion by sweeping up from the top string to the bottom string) 

      F#    G#   A#       C#              B 


The bridge sounds like it's just F#  over and over again 


(synth/Guitar Duel Solo) 

(this call/answer solo is pretty much the same as the verse fill. The only thing that 
is the synth. The guitar just answers twice with this) 

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