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Loved You All Night Long ukulele

Doug Supernaw

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Loved You All Night Long

(G)I know somethings look different 
In the (C)cold gray light of (G)dawn 
For somethings feel so right at night 
In the (C)morning feel so (G)wrong. 
Last night I saw me (G7)in my eyes 
This morning (C)morning I see I'm (G)gone. 
If I'd (C)known last night, was (G)our last night 
I would have D7)loved you all (G)night long. 
If I'd (C)known last night was our (G)last night, 
With (C)no more to look forward (G)to 
I (C)would have given (G)more of me 
And (C)taken less of D7)you. 
And (G)perhaps instead of letting go, 
You'd (C)still be holding (G)on. 
If I'd (C)known last night was (G)our last night, 
I would have (D7)loved you all night (G)long. 
I watch you brush your soft black hair 
And the wrinkles from your clothes 
And as you move around the room 
I'm wishing you wouldn't go. 
If I could love you one more time 
I'd give anything I own 
If I'd known last night was our last night, 
I would have loved you all night long. 
If I'd (C)known night, was (G)our last night 
I would have (D)loved you all night (G)long. 
What's up?  I'm a sophomore at North Carolina State University majoring in  
Agriculture Animal Science/Industry and enjoy guitars entirely TOO much.   
Make me feel special .  . .  . send me your comments! 
email: [email protected]  
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