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Why Henry Drinks

Why Henry Drinks
By: Drive-By Truckers

Intro : A, E, D

Them stories that you tell me are so hard to swallow

You said “Go to hell” but I know you’d just follow
D                                        F#
The future’s closing in quicker than you think
    A                  E        D     A
And hanging with you I know why Henry drinks

Those obnoxious drunks downstairs are fighting and cussing

And twelve years of me and you don’t add up to nothing
D                                             F#
You say what’s on your mind - tell it to your shrink
   A                E      D      A
So he can know like me why Henry drinks

Just a few more hours till the sun comes back around

To tear each other down and drink another round

Lost it on the way now I’m hating what we found
Mendacity and grudge-fucks and pieces out of town

I drink half a case of beer on my way home from work

Daddy needs his medicine to keep his hands off Mama’s throat
D                                                  F#
Baby, push a little harder cause you got me on the brink
   A                       E         D     A
Of spilling more than guts about why Henry drinks
A                    E        D      A
Telling you so much about why Henry drinks

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