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Help me Up

     Em            G
(e) |------|------|----------------------------|----------|
(B) |------|------|---12-----------------------|----------|
(G) |------|------|------14--12h14p12----12-12-|---14-----|
(D) |------|------|-------------------14-------|----------|
(A) |------|------|----------------------------|----------|
(E) |------|------|----------------------------|----------|
                    1 2      3           4       1 2  3 4

      Em                              G
(e) |-----------|-------------------|-------------------------------|-----|
(B) |------15~~~|~-12---------------|-------------------------------|-----|
(G) |-----------|-----14br-12-12----|-14-12-12----14-12-12h14p12----|-12--|
(D) |-----------|----------------14-|----------14----------------14-|-----|
(A) |-----------|-------------------|-------------------------------|-----|
(E) |-----------|-------------------|-------------------------------|-----|
      1 2 3   4   1   2    3  4       1     2     3     4             1

Em Are you going to help me G or will you let me down?
Em I'm looking for a true love G but am I lost or found?
Em And will we cry in passion G or will we cry in pain?
Em And will our lonely teardrops G fill the world with rain?

  Help me Em up, Bm don't you let me C down. Am
  I'm gonna G wake up in C heaven, not the Am cold, cold G ground.

  Em  G  Em  G

Em Can't you hear the lovers G crying in the night?
Em They spend their whole lives trying; G still can't get it right.
Em I don't know where we're going G but I guess we'll start
Em And just to show that I mean it, G baby here's my heart.


(G) (G) (B) (B) (C) (C) (D) (D)
D Living on my D#dim feelings, Em feelings all I G know.
C Baby once we D touch it, we'll C never let it G go.

  Em  G  Em  G

  First Verse



  Long Solo on Verse
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