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All I need is the girl chords

Frank Sinatra

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All I need is the girl

A7       D9   D6/9    D9 D6/9  Em7 Edim 
Got my tweed pressed, got my  best vest,  
Em7 A7 Dmaj7 D Dmaj7 D   B7 
All I need  now is  the girl; 
       E7/9    E7 E7/9 E7     A7/6  A7  A7/6   
Got my striped    tie, got my hopes     high -- 
A7      D9            F#m     Bm7         Bm7/E 
Got the time and the place and I've got the rhythm, 
G         G/F#       Em7       A7sus4 E7  
Now all I need's the girl to go with 'em. 
D9 D6/9    D9  D6/9  Em7  A7    Edim A7 
If she'll just  ap - pear we'll take this 
Dmaj7 D  Dmaj7 D   B7  
Big  town for  a whirl; 
        E7/9   E7        E7/9         E7          A7/6  A7   
And if she'll say, "My, darling, I'm yours," I'll throw away 
A7/6  D9    D6/9 D9     Cdim          B7 
My   striped tie and my best-pressed tweed -- 
      E7/9   A7/6 A7      D 
All I really need is the girl. 
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