Frank Sinatra

From This Moment On chords

Frank Sinatra

Album:A Swingin' Affair!


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From This Moment On

Introd: Em B Em7 B7 

Em        B    Em7 B7 
From this moment on, 
Dm7 G7  Dm7  G7    C   C/B Am7 Cm  Cm7 
You for me, Dear, only two for tea, Dear, 
G        Edim    B7 
From this moment on. 
Em        B    Em7 B7 
From this happy day, 
Dm7 G7  Dm7  G7     C    C/B   Am7 Cm  Cm7 
No more blue songs, only whoopdedo songs 
G         D7     G   GM7   G7   Gm7 
From this moment on. 
      C    C/B     Am7 Am7/G   Cm     Cm7 
For you've got the love  I    need so much, 
G           Dm7 E7 
Got the skin I love to touch, 
D               A7 
Got the arms to hold me tight, 
D                     C7        B7 
Got the sweet lips to kiss good night. 
Em        B    Em7 B7 
From this moment on, 
Dm7 G7 Dm7  G7     C   C/B   Am7  Cm   Cm7 
You and I, Babe, we'll be ridin' high, Babe, 
G   G/F# Edim Am7  G   B7  E7  A7  Em7  Am7   D9  G 
Ev'ry  care  is gone        from this moment on.  
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