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Night And Day keyboard

Frank Sinatra

Album:Frank Sinatra - Coleção 3 Pak


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Night And Day

D6        Dm   A7   A7M          D  
Night and day,      you are the one;  
     Dm               A7       A7M       D    D6  
Only you beneath the moon and under the sun;  
         Bm           Bb  
Whether near to me or far,  
    F#m         F#m7      E7  
It's no matter, Darling, where you are -  
     G        Gm   A7        D  
I think of you    DAY AND NIGHT  
D6       Dm    A7   A7M        D  
Night and day,      why is it so  
           Dm                     A7    A7M     D     D6  
That this longing for you follows me wherever I go;  
        Bm                Bb  
In the roaring traffic's boom,  
       F#m    F#m7     E7  
In the silence of my lonely room,  
     G         Gm   A7       D  
I think of you     DAY AND NIGHT.  
   D       F               D  
Night and day, under the hide of me,  
         F             Gm    F   Gm  
There's an oh-such a hungry yearning  
 F          D  
Burning inside of me,  
          Bm              Bb  
And it's torment won't be through  
         F#m             F#m7         E7  
'Til you let me spend my life making love to you  
Em7     A7      Em7      D     E7   A7  
Day and night, night and day.  
Last time:  
Em7     A7      Em7      D     G/B       D  
Day and night, night and day.  
Colaboração de Roberto Crescioni  -  
[email protected]  
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