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The Greatest Love Of All chords

George Benson

Album:The Very Best Of... George Benson


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The Greatest Love Of All

Intro: Bm E C#m F#m (3x) Bm E  
A                  A7+ 
I believe the children are our future 
A                             A7                    D 
Teach them well and let them lead the way 
                           D7+                        Bm 
Show them all the beauty they possess inside 
                   C#m      F#m                 Bm    E                     
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier 
                          C#m  F#m 
Let the children's laughter 
     Bm                   E          A 
Remind us how we used to be 
A                 A7+                       A  
Everybody search for a hero 
                           A7                      D 
People need someone to look up to 
                          D7+                        Bm 
I never found anyone who fulfill my needs 
             C#m      F#m 
A lonely place to be 
               Bm              E          D 
And so I learned to depend on me 
I decided long ago 
Bm                    E        
Never to walk in anyone's shadow 
D           A                 Bm                 E  
If I fail if I succeed at least I live as I believe 
      D                       A 
No matter what they take from me 
         Bm                        E         
They can't take away my dignity 
                 C#m F#m Bm       E                      C#m F#m Bm 
Because the greatest love of all is happening to me 
       E           C#m F#m Bm    E       A 
I've found the greatest love inside of me 
       A     A7 F#m   Bm Em A7       F#m  Bm Em 
The greatest love of all is easy to achieve 
A7             F#m       Bm 
Learning to love yourself 
            Em       A7        D 
It is the greatest love of all 
Repetir o primeiro verso e Refrão 
       E7                      C#m    F#m  Bm 
And if by chance that special place 
       E7                              C#m  F#m  Bm   
That you've been dreaming of 
E7                   C#m   F#m 
Leads you to a lonely place 
Bm             E7          D   A 
Find your strength in love  
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