Haley Reinhart

Hit The Ground Runnin ukulele

Haley Reinhart

Album:Listen Up!


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Hit The Ground Runnin


Verse 1: Dm I can't be held in chains F I ain't your slave Dm I got this wild heart F And it can't be tamed Dm If you think that I'm sweet F Sugar in your teeth Dm You better watch your mouth boy F Cause I don't miss a beat F G And you don't know Dm A thing about me (2x) F I hit the ground running running running G F I hit the ground running running running Dm You can't hold the rebel down F Cause I'll be breaking out G F This spirit's gotta be free F G I hit the ground running running running Dm So don't go following me Verse 2: I know your falling so deep Just like a bomb Cause you can't hide your love No, no, with camoflauge Chorus Bridge: Dm F G F Things aren't always what they seem, to be Dm F I know who your thinking, G F But she isn't me Dm F It's crazy obsession G F Have you lost you mind Dm F Baby don't hold your breath Mmm, Ohhh Chorus
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