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I Fight Dragons

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Just Decide

I was looking for chords for this song and none existed, so I spent some 
time figuring it out.  I'm fairly new to guitar, so take the chords with a  
grain of salt. It sounds ok to me when I play along to the recorded  
version.  At least it's a starting off point.  All chord notation is  
relative fingering to the capo.  

I Fight Dragons 
Just Decide 

Capo 2 

G      D              C 
It's a nice day for a swim 

G       D                 C 
Tie the weights around my feet and stumble in 

    Bm Am              G    D   C 
And dare       the     tide to   turn 

G         D               C 
I've been waiting here so long 

G          D                  C 
Hoping the answers would just somehow come along 

         Bm       Am  
It takes time to learn 

G                    D       C 
But I've got no more time to burn 

C       G     D                Em       C 
My arms feel stronger now than ever before 

C       G   D              Em 
My eyes see far beyond the tide 

C             G 
The only sure way to lose 

D                  Em 
Is being afraid to choose 

So just decide 

C    G 
Just decide 

G          D               C 
It started somewhere in my chest 

G          D               C 
I rest for daily work then work for daily rest 

    Bm       Am  
But not any more 

  G                 D                   C 
I left that with my clothes back on the shore 

G         D         C 
Get over, get over, before they drag you under  (X3) 

G         D         C 
Get over, get over, go on and take one step  

Before that step is taken for you 

Chorus x2 

G      D              C 
It's a nice day for a swim  
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