James Taylor

Daddys All Gone chords

James Taylor

Album:In The Pocket


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Daddys All Gone

G   Am7                D   C/D 
  I don't have much to say 
G             Am7             D   C/D 
  Thought I'd call you up any-way 
G      Am7       D    
  Just to try to show you the way 
B7          Em7 
That I feel today 
      F/C         C 
Oh, I miss you ba-by 
G   Am7            D   C/D 
  I sure am on the road 
G         Am7              D   C/D 
  I don't need to say much more 
G          Am7                 D    
  Just the same old well-known stranger 
B7          Em7 
That I was before 
              F/C         C 
It seems like yesterday now 
G   Am7            D   C/D 
  Daddy's all gone 
G   Am7            D   C/D 
  Only halfway home 
G          Am7                 D    
  He's holding on to the telephone 
B7        Em7          F/C             C 
  Saying, Please don't let the show go on. 
D G - Am7 Bm7 C C/D 
There's a bus every other hour G Am7 D C/D 
There's even the midnight train G Am7 D C/D 
But that don't leave me the power G Am7 D 
To see your face again B7 Em7 } 
It's not that simple F/C C 
You see, there's a room full of smiling faces G Am7 D C/D 
There's a man standin' by the door G Am7 D C/D 
Says it's time to change our places G Am7 D 
And get down on the floor B7 Em7 } 
Kill 'em, baby F/C C 
Daddy's all gone G Am7 D C/D 
He's just halfway home G Am7 D C/D 
He's holding on to the microphone G Am7 D 
Singing, Please don't make the show go on. B7 Em7 F/C C 
 D Eb - Bb F - C G - - } 
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