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James Taylor

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Fading Away

First effort. 
Tab by Chris Darrouzet-Nardi

When I got G something to A say D
Dont I Bm always let you G know
So that Bm you and I can G go my way
Em Forev  D ver

And if I get G carried A away D
I could Bm sailing on a G song
And Bm maybe we could G carry on
Em Forev  D  ver

But G lately A this old dog D
Has been cha  Bm - sing his tail G
G Round and A round and round D
And the G circles A in my D mind
They have been Bm winding D slowly G Down D
G Everybodys bree -  Bm  zing up,
But Im D seizing up
Im Bm freezing up
And Im G fading, Em fading a  D  way.
Well, I got a G on a A night in June D
I got Bm room for you and G me
I got Bm moonlight up in the G trees
I got Em sixty-eight de   D  grees

I got G nothing on A my mind D
But I got Bm loving in my G heart
And I got Bm something out in the G garden
I want to Em show D

G Well, it Adoesnt really D matter after  Bm  all G
If we G quit this A round  D  about
Cause G no one will A really no  D  tice
If we just Bm sit this D next one out G D
Well, you can G strike up the Bm band with  D  out me
You may Bm have your doubts G about me
But Im just Em fading a  D  way
You can Bm hardly even G see me
Cause Im Em fading away. D


Well, its A hard to B find a la  E bel,
For this Cm feeling in my E bones.
If this is A all a B make be  E  lieve,
But my Cm cards are E on the Atable
And there aint Cmnothing up Emy Asleeve E.
AAnd here I thought I was aCm thinking man
But Im a Eshrinking man
Im Cmsinking man
And Im Bmfading, Im Efading away
Well, its Cm really not so E bad to be Bm fading a  E  way
Cm Cmon along with E me and well go Bm fading away
You can Cm hardly even E hear me
Cause Im Bm fading E away
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