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Jimmy Buffett

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A Salty Piece Of Land

I was listening for answers that I could not really hear  
When the words of a wise old Indian put a conch shell to my ear  
And I took off for the ocean I was searching for the coast  
Painting pictures of my visions with the words from Grandma Ghost  
Hiding from the dragons, writing for the sea  
Singing ballads from my childhood, a pirate's life for me  
Survivors seem to function best when peril is at hand  
D                                         Bm       A  
Where the song of the ocean meets a salty piece of land  
I was force fed my religion but I somehow saved my smile  
Tapped into my instincts as I headed towards exile  
Cleopatra did not own a barge, but a schooner was her home  
She had centuries of stories and there's wisdom in her bones  
She was on a sacred mission, and she told me of a place  
Where a man could hide forever, but never lose his faith  
So I saddled up my seahorse with a fly rod in my hand  
I was not looking for salvation, just a salty piece of land  
Some days Cayo Loco shines like the stars up in the sky  
And the seabirds they do touch and gos as the world just tangos by  
But there are times when she is hidden, beneath the wild and crashing waves  
And the patron saint of lightning keeps the sailors from their graves  
Some say it is a blinding sword, pointing out into the sea  
While others say her guiding light, leads towards eternity  
Still I sit in contemplation and I just don't understand  
This mysterious attraction to this salty piece of land  
Still I search the constellations and the tiny grains of sand  
D                                            Bm       A  
Where the song of the ocean meets this salty piece of land  
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