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If I Could Just Get It On Paper ukulele

Jimmy Buffett

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If I Could Just Get It On Paper

F               Bb        F 
If I could just get it on paper 
Bb                            F 
The things that have happened tonight 
Bb                      F 
But that seems to me to be the big key 
           G                       C 
I'm havin' too good a time to ever turn Out the lights. 
F              Bb        F 
Go to bed wake up eith a clear head 
F              Bb        F 
Recalling what made it a ball 
Bb                        F 
If I could just get it on paper 
C                             F 
I might make some sense of it all 
F               Bb          F 
If I could tell half of the stories 
Bb                        F 
The funny way most things begin 
Bb                             F 
Figure ways to disguse all the half truths and lies 
         G                         C 
Find the heart of my song with the point of a pen 
F                Bb            F 
Simple words can become clever phrases 
F                  Bb        F 
And chapters could turn into books 
Bb                            F 
Yes if I could just get it on paper 
C                            F 
But it's harder than it ever looks. 
F                Bb          F 
All alone in the edge of the water 
Bb                          F 
Hidin' out by the Sea of Cortez 
Bb                                        F 
With my sketch pads and Flairs, tapes and battery spares 
          G                      C 
It's just no comprehendo to what everyone says 
F                    Bb            F 
Time alone seemed to work well for Faulkner 
F                  Bb           F 
Time away seems to work for the kid 
Bb                               F 
Life and ink they run out at the same time 
C                            F 
Or so said my old friend the squid 
Bb                            F 
Yes if I could just get it on paper tonight 
C                             F 
I could tell you what I think I did.  
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