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Death And Hell

Verse 1: 
           A                                   F#m  
	She stepped down from her carriage at 10 Vermillon Street 
            D                          E 
	I took off my roustabout and slung it to her feet 
           A                              F#m 
	We went into her parlor and she cooled me with her fan 
             D                               E             A 
	But said i'll go no further with a fantasy makin' man 
Verse 2: 
          F#                                B                    
	I said i'd walk on Ponchatrain for what you have today 
            E                                               A   
	Just to drink from your deep well and i'll be on my way 
              F#                                B 
	She laughed and heaven filled the room said this i give to you 
             E                                                A 
	This body's wisdom is the flesh,but here's a thing or two 
          D        E        D      A    
	Death and hell are never full 
              D              E       A 
	And neither are the eyes of men 
          D       E        D            A     
	Cats can fly from nine stories high 
                      E        D 
	And pigs can see the wind 
Verse 3: 
          A                            F#m 
	She let me make my pallet in the moonlight on the floor 
              D                        E 
	Just outside of paradise but right in hell's back door 
          A                              F#m                       
	The image of her nibbled at the eye of my soul 
             D                            E               A 
	My dreams were a hurricane and quite out of control 
Verse 4: 
             F#                                 B 
	Then her voice came through the storm it's more than flesh i deal 
             E                                         A 
	You will have to pay for any wisdom that you steal 
            F#                          B             
	I awoke to tinted windows and lavender and red 
              E                                          A 
	The first station of the cross is just above my head 
           F#                       B  
	I awoke to gargoyles and a hard bench for my bed 
           E                                                A       
	Jesus Christ and Pontias Pilate were just above my head 
Perret Charles-Amir : [email protected] 
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