Johnny Cash

Give My Love To Rose ukulele

Johnny Cash

Album:At Folsom Prison


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Give My Love To Rose

 D                             A                           D 
  I found him by the railroad track this morning 
 D                      A                     D 
  I could see that he was nearly dead 
   G                                             D 
 I knelt down beside him and I listened 
 Just to hear the words the dying fellow said 
  D                                        A                    D 
  He said they let me out of prison down in Frisco 
    D                              A                        D 
 For ten long years I've paid for what I've done 
  G                                       D 
 I was trying to get back to Louisana 
A                                                        D 
 To see my Rose and get to know my son 
CH.    Give my love to Rose please won't you mister 
A                                                   D 
 Take her all my money,tell her to buy some pretty clothes 
    G                                                  D 
 Tell my boy his daddy's so proud of him 
  A                                                  D 
 And don't forget to give my love to Rose 
         Tell them I said thanks for waiting for me 
         tell my boy to help his mom at home 
         Tell my Rose to try to find another 
         For it ain't right that she should live alone 
         Mister here's a bag with all my money 
         It won't last them long the way it goes 
         God bless you for finding me this morning 
         And don't forget to give my love to Rose 
                      Repeat chorus 
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