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Paul Revere

    G        G7 
 In April of 1775 
 C                               G 
this great nation started coming to life. 
Old King George didn`t like it one bit, 
   Am                    D 
so he proceeded to throw him a royal fit. 

G                            G7 
He told his generals : Better     get `em back in line! 
  C                                 G 
Make  `em pay my taxes now, America is mine! 
Stop that independence talk before it gets around, 
        Am               D           G 
or it`s gonna be hard to hold them rebels down! 

              G                      G7 
    Well, the King was talking `bout the men like Paul Revere, 
            C                                        G 
    and the Minutemen who held their dream of independence dear. 
    They kept their eyes on the British, they watched them day and night, 
     Am                                  D 
    they knew very soon they`d get their chance to stand and fight. 
   Yes, they knew that the British would be moving any hour, 
       C                                      G 
    so they arranged a signal in the Northend church tower. 
    Paul was watching when the tower showed a light, 
           Am             D       G 
    and he started on his midnight ride. 

       C                G 
    He jumped on his horse,     hooves started a humming, 
         C                 G 
    he screamed out his warning:     Redcoats are comin! 
 C                            Em 
    Better get your guns, and your fighting breeches on, 
            Am                          D 
    they`re comin` and they`re eight hundred strong. 

         G                  G7 
    Next morning at Concord and     Lexington town, 
         C                                     G 
    the spirit of freedom turned the  Redcoats around. 
    When we praise the men who made that mighty nation we have here, 
        Am             D     G Em      Am                     D         G 
   then let`s remember Paul Revere,    yes, let`s remember Paul Revere. 
I guarantee you somethin  and I wanna tell you all 
that we never would been here if it hadn`t been for Paul. 
Yes Sir I surely doubt us ever bein here 
if it hadn`t  been for that man on that horse named mr revere  
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