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Witchita Lineman

I am a lineman for the county, 
F/A                      Gm 
    And I drive the main road, 
Dm7              Am7      G          D      
Searchin' in the sun for another overload. 
I hear you singing in the wires, 
                           G     Gm 
I can hear you through the whine, 
                 D       A7sus                 Bb   C Bb C  
And the Witchita Lineman       is still on the line. 
I know I need a small vacation, 
F/A                        Gm 
    But it don't look like rain, 
    Dm7              Am7 
And if it snows that stretch down south 
      G              D 
Won't ever stand the strain. 
And I need you more than want you, 
                       G    Gm 
And I want you for all time. 
                         A7sus                 Bb   C Bb C 
And the Witchita Lineman       is still on the line. 
SOLO: As soon as C is being hit the second time the solo starts. 
then G is strummed and hit D let it ring: 
(Note that the chords being played over the solo go as: 
Bb Am7 Gm Dm C G D something like that)
C And I need you more that want you G Gm7 And I want you for all time A7sus Bb C Bb C And the Witchita Lineman is still on the line Bb C Bb C Bb pick all the strings slowly and strum for the outro on the last chord. I don't play it exactly like this I change around some of the chords a bit to play it in a different way. But the chords are somewhat familiar to the Dwight Yoakum recording. I can't remember exactly how the original Glen Campbell version is played but I think that it's the same. I have a tab for his version and the chords are all different but I don't think that one is right.
Chord Formations:   
Bb       = x13331  C      = x32010 
Bb(add9) = x13311  F/A    = x03211 
Gm       = 355333  Dm7    = xx0311 
Am7      = x0212x  G      = 320003 or 320033  
D        = xx0232  A7sus  = x05755 
Gm7      = 353333  C9     = x02010 
Dm       = xx0231  Bbmaj7 = x13231 
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