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Leonard Cohen

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Master Song

Master Song 
Leonard Cohen

interpretted by seth sazant
[email protected]

The pattern remains the same throughout the song: play the verse then the intro (played twice at the start) once.

Intro: X2

G#			      Gm
I believe that you heard your master sing 
G#		   Gm
when I was sick in bed. 
G#			   Gm
I suppose that he told you everything 
G#			      Gm
that I keep locked away in my head. 
G#                   Cm
Your master took you travelling, 
        Eb		      F
well at least that's what you said. 
    Bb     Bb/A     Bb      Bb/A
And now do you come back to bring 
     Eb		       D
your prisoner wine and bread? 

Intro x1

You met him at some temple, where 
they take your clothes at the door. 
He was just a numberless man in a chair 
who'd just come back from the war. 
And you wrap up his tired face in your hair 
and he hands you the apple core. 
Then he touches your lips now so suddenly bare 
of all the kisses we put on some time before. 

And he gave you a German Shepherd to walk 
with a collar of leather and nails, 
and he never once made you explain or talk 
about all of the little details, 
such as who had a word and who had a rock, 
and who had you through the mails. 
Now your love is a secret all over the block, 
and it never stops not even when your master fails. 

And he took you up in his aeroplane, 
which he flew without any hands, 
and you cruised above the ribbons of rain 
that drove the crowd from the stands. 
Then he killed the lights in a lonely Lane 
and, an ape with angel glands, 
erased the final wisps of pain 
with the music of rubber bands. 

And now I hear your master sing, 
you kneel for him to come. 
His body is a golden string 
that your body is hanging from. 
His body is a golden string, 
my body has grown numb. 
Oh now you hear your master sing, 
your shirt is all undone. 

And will you kneel beside this bed 
that we polished so long ago, 
before your master chose instead 
to make my bed of snow? 
Your eyes are wild and your knuckles are red 
and you're speaking far too low. 
No I can't make out what your master said 
before he made you go. 

Then I think you're playing far too rough 
for a lady who's been to the moon; 
I've lain by this window long enough 
to get used to an empty room. 
And your love is some dust in an old man's cough 
who is tapping his foot to a tune, 
and your thighs are a ruin, you want too much, 
let's say you came back some time too soon. 

I loved your master perfectly 
I taught him all that he knew. 
He was starving in some deep mystery 
like a man who is sure what is true. 
And I sent you to him with my guarantee 
I could teach him something new, 
and I taught him how you would long for me 
no matter what he said no matter what you'd do. 

I believe that you heard your master sing 
while I was sick in bed, 
I'm sure that he told you everything 
I must keep locked away in my head. 
Your master took you travelling, 
well at least that's what you said, 
And now do you come back to bring 
your prisoner wine and bread? 

Bb/A (x0333x)

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