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Intro: |  E  C#m7 | F#m B7 | E  C#m7 | F#m  B7 (Cdim) | 
(Cdim)   E         C#m7 
What's new? 
Dm7          G7            Cmaj7 Am7 
How is the world treating you? 
F#7          Cdim     Em6  C#m7/5- 
You haven't changed a bit; 
F#7       Cdim  E        C#m7  F#m  B7 
Lovely as ever, I must admit. 
Cdim   E         C#m7 
What's new? 
Dm7          G7               Cmaj7 Am7 
How did that romance come through? 
F#7        Cdim        Em6  C#m7/5- 
We haven't met since then- 
F#7           Cdim     E        C#m7    Bm7    E7 
Gee, but it's nice to see you again. 
(Key Change to A) 
Fdim    A     F#m 
What's new? 
  Gm7     C7         Fmaj7 Dm7 
Probably I'm boring you, 
    Bm7/5-  Fdim     Am     Am+7 
But seeing you is grand- 
Bm7/5-         Fdim     A         Amaj7 
And you were sweet to offer your hand. 
F#m     B7 
I understand. 
(Key Change to E) 
Cdim  E     C#m7 
A - dieu!  
Dm7        G7             Cmaj7   Am7 
Pardon me asking, "What's new." 
    F#7     Cdim         Em6    C#m7/5- 
Of course, you couldn't know, 
F#7        Cdim        E             C#m7 
I haven't changed...I still love you so. 
(Instrumental Coda:) 
| F#m  B7 |  E  C#m7 | F#m  B7 | E9  | 
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