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Forgotten ukulele

Linkin Park

Album:Hybrid Theory


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 F                  Em 
 From the top the bottom 
 F                 Em 
 Bottom to top i stop 
 F                 Em 
 At the core i've forgtten 
 D                 Em 
 In the middle of my thoghts 
 F                  Em 
 Taken far from my safety 
 F                  Em  
 The memory won't escape me 
 F               Em 
 But why should i care 
1|      12-9           (varias vezes) 
2|9-12-9    13-9 
3|              12 
There's a place so dark you can't see the end {Skies cock back}and shock that which can't defend The rain then sends dripping/an acidic question Forcefully, the power of suggestion Then whith the eyes tightly shut/looking through rust and rot And dust/a spot of light floods the floor And pours over therusted world of pretend The eyes ease open and it's dark again F E G In the memory you'll find me A C Eyes burning up F E G The darkness holding me tightly A C Until the sun rises up F Em Now you got me caught in the act Em F Em You bring the thought back F Em I'm telling you that Em Em F F I see it right throgh you F G E B Em F G E B D
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