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Lying from you keyboard

Linkin Park

Album:Live in Texas CD + DVD


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Lying from you

When I pretend, 
Everything is what I want it to be, 
          C                               G 
I looked exactly like what you had always wanted to see, 
When I pretend, 
I can’t forget about the criminal I am, 
Stealing second after second just cause I know I can, 
But I can’t pretend that this is the way, it'll stay, I’m just, 
(Trying to bend the truth) 
I can’t pretend I'm who you want me to be so I'm, 
(Lying my way from) 

(No, no turning back now) 
  C                         G      F7M 
I wanna be pushed aside, so let me go!! 
(No, no turning back now) 
Let me take back my life 
    G      Am 
I’d rather be, all alone!! 
(No turning back now) 
C                          G    F7M 
Anywhere on my own, cause I can see!!! 
(No, no turning back now) 
The very worst part of you… 
G  Am 

I remember what they taught to me, 
Remember condescending talk, 
Of who I ought to be, 
Remember listening to all of that, 
And this again, 
So I pretended up a person who was fitting in, 
And now you think this person, 
Really is me and I'm, 
(Trying to bend the truth ) 
The more I push, 
The more I’m pulling away, 
Cause I’m, 
(Lying my way from) 


This isn’t what I wanted to be, 
I never thought that what I said, 
Would have you running from me, 


I’d rather be all alone!!! 
(No turning back now) 
Anywhere on my own, cause I can see!!! 
(No, no turning back now) 
The very worst part of you… 
The very worst part of you… 
IS ME!  
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