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Deep River Woman keyboard

Lionel Richie

Album:Dancing On The Ceiling


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Deep River Woman

From: "Daniel J. Engel"  
Subject: r/richie_lionel/deep_river_woman.crd 
Deep River Woman 
by Lionel Richie 
   (starting note: D) 
G   Bm7      C      D 
Deep-  river woman 
G          Bm7           Am7   C/D 
 Lord, I'm comin home to you 
G   Bm7        C      D 
Deep-    river woman 
Am                 C       Am         C     C/D    G    F G 
Lord, I know she's waitin, just anticipatin all my love 
G                Bm7        Am7               C/D 
Spent a night in L.A., just another chance to see you 
G       Bm7     Am7 
  Just you and I 
G             Bm7           Am7             C/D 
Wanted you to know, that my playin days are over 
      Am7          F                                 D 
Cause all I do is think of you  the writing's on the wall 
G                     Bm7                Am7              C/D 
I've been out in this world, I guess the fast life had me goin 
G       Bm7        Am7 
   Now all that's changed 
G                  Bm7             Am7                 C/D 
Fin'lly made up my mind, 'bout the one thing I've been knowin' 
Am7             F                                D 
You're the only girl I've ever cared for in this world 
F                      C     G 
Your kind of love girl is forever 
F                   C      G 
Took me a long time to realize 
          C              C/D         G 
That I've come so far to end up goin nowhere 
       C              C/D 
Girl i need you by my side 
tabbed by: Dan Engel  
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