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Truly chords

Lionel Richie

Album:Definitive Collection


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C                  G/B 
Girl, tell me only this 
                 Gm6/Bb    A7sus4 A7 
that I have your heart for always 
    Dm                  Dm+7 
and you want me by your side 
whispering the words 
             C    G 
"I'll always love you." 
       Fmaj7 Em7 
And forever, 
               Fmaj7 Em7 
I will be your lover 
              Fmaj7      Em7 
And I know if you really care 
       Dm7    Gsus4 G Gsus2 G 
I will always be there 
C                      G/B 
Now I need to tell you this 
                 Gm6/Bb    A7sus4 A7 
There's no other love like your love 
    Dm              Dm+7 
And I, as long as I live, 
I'll give you all the joy 
             C        G 
my heart and soul can give 
       Fmaj7 Em7 
Let me hold you 
                   Fmaj7 Em7 
I need to have you near me 
                Fmaj7     Em7 
And I feel with you in my arms 
     Dm7            Gsus4 G 
This love will last forever 
            C     G/B         Dm7                  F G 
Because I'm truly... truly in love with you, girl 
I'm truly...         head over heels with your love 
I need you...        and with your love, I'm free 
    C     G/B         F              Fm      C 
and truly... you know you're alright... with me 
Dm:   x00231  G/B:    x20033 
Dm+7: x00221  Gm6/Bb: x10033 
Dm7:  x00211  A7sus4: x01033 
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