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No Leaf Clover

No Leaf Clover 
A                     B 
And it feels right this time 
C                     B                  Em 
On this crash coarse with the big time 
A                     B                  
Pays no mind to the distant thunder 
G                    C                                      B 
New day fills his head with wonder...boy 
A                     B 
Says it feels right this time 
C                      B                              Em 
Turned it 'round and found the right line 
A                         B 
"Good day to be alive, Sir" 
G                       C                              B 
"Good day to be alive" he says...yeah 
Em                              Am                   
yehaa…….Then it comes to be 
that the soothing light 
                Am                            Em 
at the end of your tunnel 
                   Am                                 B7 
  was just a frieght train comin' your way 
A                         B 
Don't it feel right like this? 
C                      B                 Em 
All the pieces fall to his wish 
A                       B 
"Sucker for that quick reward, boy" 
G                     C                                   B 
"Sucker for that quick reward", they say... 
Then it comes to be 
that the soothing light 
at the end of your tunnel 
was just a freight train comin' your way…….It's coming your way 
Renato Abrahão  
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