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Beastars Op - Wild Side chords

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Beastars Op - Wild Side

In the verses, chords and the root note are separated. I tried
to follow as closely as I could to the original piece.
Refrence to that while reading. It will become hopefully clear.

N.C. G7add(#5)
Cm     Cmmaj7 Cm7    Cmmaj7 x4

Verse 1
|Chords: Cm     Cmmaj7 Cm7    Cmmaj7 |
|Bass:   Cm  Eb  F     G      Eb     | x4

Verse 2
  Cm           Cdim Csus4  Cm        Cm7
I kept walking on   the    wild side
  Cm          Cdim Csus4  Cm         Cm7
I don't wanna fall asleep throughout my life
Fm        Fdim Fsus4 Fm7     Fmmaj7
Sometimes in   a     buffalo style
Gsus2 G            G7     Gaug/F  G/Eb Gaug/D
Some  times like a rock'n roll    mind

Verse 3
|Chords: Cm     Cmmaj7 Cm7    Cmmaj7 |
|Bass:   Cm  Eb  F     G      Eb     | x4

Fm        G7           Cm
  It is a wonderful my life
       C                 Fm
Please could you kiss my name?
         G7       Cm
When the music's over
C    Cadd4
Turn off light
Fm       G7           Cm
It was a such a sweet time
          Bbm6            Ab
Could you pray for me, my friend?
                   Gaug  G
It's starting over time

       Fm   G
Taking over night
       Cm        C C7
Taking over blue time
       Fm7                  G7            Cm  G7  Cm C7
If you heard that screaming shout in your mind
       Fm   G
Taking over shine
       Cm            C
Taking over shooting star
    Ab                      Ab/G G
All I was talking about was mu   sic

Cm     Cmmaj7 Cm7    Cmmaj7
(And that's called jazz!)
Cm     Cmmaj7 Cm7    Cmmaj7

|Chords: Cm     Cmmaj7 Cm7    Cmmaj7 |
|Bass:   Cm  Eb  F     G      Eb     | x2

N.C. Gadd(#5)/B
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