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Final Fantasy Vii - Hollow chords

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Final Fantasy Vii - Hollow

The end credits song from thr Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I thought it was beautiful and it's pretty simple.
Strumming pattern can be a little difficult for beginners, but just listen to the song a few times and you
should be able to get it.

I've tried my best to line up the chord notiation with the word you should be strumming the new note to.

Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 Em x3
Intro with Harmonica

           A               Em
I would be Lost. Drifiting alone

            A                C      Em
Floating up high. Time after time.

             A              Em
And there you'd be, Shining Brightly

             D                 A
Your Smiling Face. To guide my way.

Harmonica Break
Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 Em

             A                      Em
Bloodied and Bruised. Brought to my knees

            A                 C    Em
When beaten down. When broken up.

           A                Em
You would appear. Reach out to me

           D                  A
Heal every wound. And make me whole

D                           Em
Was it all a dream? Will I ever Know?

            Bm      D         C
Foolish and Blind.    To everything

Am            C        Em
Had I realised. Had I thought it through.

             A             C
Would you be here? In my embrace?

      Em      G    A
Shine Bright. Once more

      C   D  Em
Guide me. To you

      Em      G    A
Smile Bright. Once more

     C     D            Em
This time. I will never let you go

Guitar Solo

The speed at which these notes comes in can be a little confusing at first. I highly recommend listening to
solo and paying attention to the strings section to figure out the timing.

Em A C Em
A  C Em A
A  C Em

D                            Em
With you every smile. Hiding something more.

     Bm        D            C
Dark Mysteries. Lurking beneath.

Am                C                Em
But I was consumed. With this emptiness.

            A                 C
This Selfishness. To void to fill.


     Em  G    A
Hear me. Once more.

     C   D    Em
Show me. Your smile

     Em    G   A
This time. For sure

     C        D                    Em
I'll see. The truth hidden in your tears

    Em   G   A
But I... I   Know

     C      D    Em
That you're Long Gone

    Em   G  A
But I... I  Will

   C     D         Em
Go on... Howling & Hollow
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