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Intro: E A 

         E  A E A       E   A E 
Here it comes, here it comes, 
       A        E A E A  E    A E 
I can feel the hills exploding 
    A       B  B/A  G#m 
Exploding gracefully 
G#m/F#		 B B/A G#m 
Burning up the freeway 
G#m/F#   E   A E A E A E 
Here it comes 

 C#m					B E B 
Grass is green at the edge of the bubble 
C#m				     B E 
Beautiful gets into beautiful trouble 
B      C#m	   B E             B 
And it seems to fall out of the sky 
    C#m		    C 
And come down on you 
    D    E  A E A E A E 
Oh baby burn 

Fast die younger, burns rubber 
Useless rockers from England 
Good times 
Had by all 
Just swallow your guilt and your crutches 

Blue and white birds stop and hide on the pedal 
Interstate fire walk staright down the middle, 
And it seems to fall out of the sky 
And come down on you 
Oh baby burn  
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