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Love Kills

{ G  E  C  D }  x2 
{ G  F# } x2  
G         E              C            D  
Sid was a punk rock king Nancy was a broken queen 
Their lives were so glamorous Sid and Nancy were a mess 
When you're hooked on heroin don't you know you'll never win 
Drugs don't ever pay you really did it your way 
     G    B  C  D 
   Love kills 
   Love kills 
   Love kills 
We still believe in anarchy it makes me so damn angry 
Sid and Nancy meant a lot to me you may be dead but your souls are free 
Like Romeo and Juliet you two made a pact of death 
Like the needle that ya used Sid and Nancy were born to lose 
   Love kills... 
{ G  E  C  D }  x2 
{ G  F# } x2  
Sid never meant any harm he shot some dope into his arm 
All he wanted was some fun now she's lying in a pool of blood 
Always loaded, always high why did you have to die? 
I'll say one thing is it leaves me with a bitter taste 
   Love kills... 
   Love kills... 
   Love kills... 
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