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He Walked On Water

              D                  G/D 
1. He wore starched white shirts buttoned at the neck, 
         D                              A/E 
and he'd sit in the shade and watch the chickens peck. 
          D                  G/D 
And his teeth were gone, but what the heck, 
D              A            D      G  A 
I thought that he walked on water. 
      D                    G 
2. He said he was a cowboy when he was young.  
          D                        A 
He could handle a rope and he was good with a gun. 
    D                         G 
And my mama's daddy was his oldest son,-- 
    D              A            D 
and I thought that he walked on water.   

                    G                   D 
If the story's told,  only heaven knows. 
                      A                D 
But his hat seemed to me like an old halo. 
D7                       G 
  And although his wings,  they were never seen. 
               A            D      G/A  A/C# 
I thought that he walked on water. 
        D                     G 
3. Then he tied a cord to the end of a mop,  
           D                    A 
and said, "Son, here's a pony, keep her at a trot." 
    D                                   G 
And I'd ride in circles while he laughed  alot. 
     D          A     D 
Then I'd flop down beside him. 
           Bm                  A 
And he was ninety years old in sixty-three 
    G               A 
and I loved him and he loved me. 
     G                   A 
And lord, I cried the day  he died,  
       D              A            D 
'cause I thought that he walked on water. 
Andrew Lowry  [email protected]  
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