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Warm Tape chords

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Album:By the Way


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Warm Tape

capo on 4 

2 beats between each chord on the verses 
B     D#5         C#    E5   B      D#5       C#      E5  
      shiver for me   girl        deliver for me my darling 
B     D#5         C#    E5   B      D#5          C#          E5 
      pushin up  to you             a river that runs right thru you 

 all verses played to thoses chords^ 

 Em                        G5       Cadd9     Em        G5  Cadd9 
 miles and miles of nether worlds i roam     
Em                           G5      Cadd9    D      Dsus4 D C7/#11  Csus2  
settle for love you're never far from home 


E B               E    B            C#m(add9)           C#m(add11)    
i know i make it   for two  and if   in-tu-i-tion's on-ly what u make from it 
E B               E    B            C#m(add9) 
i know i make it  for two and then   you were there and i was fortunate 
E B                E    B                 E   B                  E   B 
i know i make it   for two i'll make it   for two i'll make it   for two. yeah! 

 B       D#5        C#      E5     B    D#5        C#     E5    B 
         settle for love____________   settle for love__________ 
         D#5        C#              E5        B            Bmaj7 
         settle for love____________                 (strum once 4 finish) 
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