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Intro: (Rhy. Fig. 1) 
    G                     C             G                     D5 
    (Piano arranged for guitar) 
Verses: (Rhy. Fig. 2) 
    G                    C              D5                 G 
    C          A              C                    D5 
G            C    D5            G                       C   A | C  | D5 | 
   Nightswimming      deserves     a quiet night. 
    G                     C      D5  G                  C   A | 
The photograph on the dashboard,    taken years ago, 
    C                          D5 
turned around backwards so the windshield shows. 
G                 C      D5         G                   C   A | 
Every streetlight   reveals the picture in reverse. 
C                       D5 
Still, it's so much clearer. 
G                 C   D5        G 
I forgot my shirt   at   the water's edge. 
    C           A          C    |  D5  | 
The moon is low   tonight. 
{Play Rhy. Fig. 1} 
G            C    D5            G 
   Nightswimming      deserves     a quiet night. 
    C                     D5                    G5 
I'm not sure all these people understand. 
     C            D5       G 
It's not like years   ago, 
    C          A            C     D5                 G5 
The fear of getting caught,    of recklessness and water. 
       C     D5      G 
They cannot see me naked. 
        C          A        C      D5                   G 
These things, they go away,    replaced by everyday. 
          C         G                      C  A | 
Nightswimming.  Remembering that night. 
     C                     D5         C                      C  D5 | 
September's coming soon.          I'm pining for the moon. 
    G                      C      A         C 
And what if there were two   side   by side   in orbit 
   D5                      G 
around the fairest sun? 
       C       D5       G                  C       A             C      | D5 | 
That bright, tight forever drum could not describe   nightswimming. 
G                     C       D5   G                     C   A | 
You, I thought I knew   you.       You, I cannot judge. 
C                       D5 
You, I thought you knew    me. 
              G           C   D5         G              C 
This one laughing quietly     underneath   my breath. 
A         C     |  D5  | 
{Play Rhy. Fig. 1} 
    G              C                    G                C       A 
    (Oboe arranged for guitar) 
    C                       D5 
    G                       C 
The photograph reflects, 
D5          G             C 
every streetlight a reminder. 
A           C        D5                 G   | C D5 
  Nightswimming deserves a quiet night, 
G           C          A        C   |  D5  | 
        deserves a quiet night. 
     G              C           D5         G 
    C               A           C                D5 
    C       A               C                   D5                     G 
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