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Richard Shindell - Castaway

CAPO: 3rd Fret

INTRO: C  G  C  F  C  G

  C             G           C
I welcome you my little man
   F             C           G
Stolen from your sleepy land
               C       F             C   F
Cut loose from her, my callused hand
           C  G     F     G
Branded you_____ an exile

     C           G               C
The ocean parted when you wailed
       F           C           G
And debris of your catastrophe
           C      F          C   F
Set sail inside a silver cup
        C  G  F            G
That she_____ handed to me

No ocean deep, no mountain tall
   G                    C
No liberty, no prison vault
    G                    F
Can keep my baby refugee
             C      G
From his own inland sea

                 C     F  C
Where he can play castaway__
             G   C     F  C
Where he can play castaway__
             G   Am    F 
Where he can play castaway__

         C               G            C
Now on a dolphin's back I come to you
     F         C            G
Bounding from across the blue
    C           F            C   F
Swollen flood inside my vein
      C  G  F       G
To try_______ to explain

    C          G          Am  C
How someday far below the moon
        F             C            G
You may live beside a green lagoon
    C                   F               C   F
And store up pearls for skipping stones
                C  G  F      G
And you will never______ be alone

Ocean fall or ocean rise
     G                          C
I, I see her deep, deep in your eyes
       G                    F
I'm an ocean apart from you
                       C        G
But you'll always be a part of me

                 C     F  C
'Cause I can play castaway__
        G   C     F  C
Two can play castaway__
          G   Am    F  C
Three can play castaway__
       G    C     F  C
We all play castaway__
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