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Between the Stars and Waves 
I'm sure with this... 
Verse 1: 
 A/C#  D 
Your face 
  A/C#        D          A/C# D 
Lights up the sky on the highway 
 A/C#  D 
 A/C#             D		  A/C# D 
You'll share your world with me someday 
Verse 2: 
C#m7         D 
 You mesmerize me 
 C#m7      D 
With diamond eyes 
 C#m7        D 		 C#m7         D 
I try to fool myself to think I'll be alright 
 C#m7        D	    C#m7-D
But I am losin' all control 
   C#m7            D		 C#m7    D 
My mind, my heart, my body and my soul 
A         Em			  Bm 
 Never in my life have I been more sure 
   Dm   			      A 
So come up to me and close the door 
   Em					 Bm 
Nobody's made me feel this way before 
	  Dm hold 			 C#m7-D-(4x)
You're everything I wanted and more 
Verse 3: 
C#m7             D 
To speak or not to  
 C#m7      D 
Where to begin 
  C#m7        D		  C#m7      D 
The great dilemmas I'm finding myself in 
C#m7             D			 C#m7-D
For all I know you only see me as a friend 
 C#m7         D 
I try to tell myself, wake up fool 
	  C#m7               D 
This fairy tale's got to end 
(Repeat Chorus) 
Adlib: A-Em-Bm-Dm-; (2x) 
(Repeat Chorus) 
       Dm		    C#m7-D 
You're everything I wanted... 
Pls. rate nalang 'to Tnx... 
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