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Leroys Dustbowl Blues

Leroy's Dustbowl Blues - Steve Earle 
-intro G F G F G F G F 
G                  F             C       G 
Leroy was a farmer and an honest man 
G                        F                      D 
Would have lived in Oklahoma all his days 
G                  F                  C             G 
He just wanted left alone to work a piece of land 
         G                       F                     G 
But a hard wind come and blew his dreams away 
          C                                        D 
So he headed for the West Coast thought he could not lose 
G                    F            C              G 
Rollin' down the highway with the dustbowl blues 

    -repeat chrd sequence between verses- 

It's a thousand miles from Broken Bow to Bakersfield 
And the highway's paved with heartaches all the way 
Leroy drove on lookin' for a better deal 
A place a man could settle down and stay 
But the police at the state line beat him black and blue 
Left him lyin' by the roadside with the dustbowl blues 

They say California is a paradise 
Hollywood turns night time into day 
But up along the San Joaquin those city lights 
Might as well be a million miles away 
When your kids are cold and hungry wearin' worn out shoes 
Standin' in the garden with the dustbowl blues  
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