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I Was Made To Love Her bass

Stevie Wonder

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I Was Made To Love Her

This is my attempt at recreating this brilliant work by motown bassist  
James Jamerson, the most influential bassist of the 20th century (that
is, if you ask people like John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Paul
McCartney, etc., etc.). If you are a bass player and you don't know
who James Jamerson is (or even if you do), educate yourself and visit Enjoy, and PLEASE rate this 
tab and/or leave comments.

Tabbed by: BASSteve

Tuning: EADG

Time signature: 4/4

* My tabs are meant to be read in conjunction with listening to
the song. In other words, there are no specific notations to account
for note/rest duration. However, you will find that Iíve made an 
attempt to strategically space the notes and rests within their
respective measures in order to represent the appropriate durations.

****IMPORTANT: You'll notice at the main riff I indicate that it
is "varying." That means Jamerson did not repeat the main riff
exactly each time he played it. This was indicative of his style
of improvisational bass playing. If he played the riff a million
times - it would be a million different ways. Listen to the song
and you'll see. The main riff that I tabbed is the first one in
the song and is accurate to the note (I hope :)). After that, it
is up to you to do your own improvising - this is a great song
to practice this on. After all, the bass line/music Jamerson was
handed at the recording session of this song was probably pretty
basic. It was his creative playing that made this one of the
greatest bass lines ever.****


 (Main Riff)               9x(varying)




           Main Riff for remainder of song (varying)

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