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Badfish-Boss DJ

CAPO @1 
Intro: (E  F#m  D  E) 
E                       F#m       D     			  E 
When you grab a hold of me, you tell me that I'll never be set free. 
E             F#m     D     				E 
But I'm a parasite, creep and crawl I step into the night. 
E            A      D     			  E 
Two pints of booze. Tell me are you a bad fish too? (are you a badfish too?) 
A                     E      A			      E 
Ain't got no money to spend. I hope the night would never end.    
A                   E               A                     F#m    
Lord knows that I'm weak. Won't somebody get me off this reef? 
E                      F#m         D				         E 
Baby you?re a big blue whale, I?ll grab the reef when all duck divin' fails 
E                                       F#m 
And I can swim, but I wish I had never learned,  
       D                             E 
?cause the water's too polluted with germs.  
E                                 A         D                                  E 
Dive deep when it's ten feet over head. And grab the reef that?s underneath my bed 
A                          E    A 			    E 
Ain't got no quarrels with God, ain't got no time to get old. 
A                   E               A                    F#m 
Lord knows I'm that weak, won't somebody get me off this reef? 
          E                  A           E            A 
There?s a steel train coming in, I would take it if I could, 
      E                A           E              A 
And I would not lie to you because Sunday morning soon will come, 
E              A              E                              A         
Things will be easier to say, upon the microphone like I?m a Boss D.J.  
       E                              A            
I will walk up upon the stage like it was dry land, 
  E                A            
A Boss D.J. ain't nothin? but a man. 
   B                A            
No trouble no fuss, I know why 
E         A     E                A 
It's sooo nice, I wanna hear the same song twice, 
E         A     E                A 
It's sooo nice, I wanna hear the same song twice 
B                A                   B 	  A 
Nowadays all the songs on the radio, they all drive me crazy ... 
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