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Lovely Rita

T3 = Low Tom
T2 = Medium Tom
T1 = High Tom
SD = Snare Drum
HH = Hi-Hat
BD = Bass Drum
o  = Open Hi-Hat
>  = Accent (Play louder than usual)

This is a neat little intro for "Lovely Rita" courtesy of
Ringo.  It appears in the same form right before the piano

T3  ---- ---- ---- 4n4n
T2  ---- nnn2 n3nn ----
T1  nn1n n2nn ---- ----
SD  1nnn 2nnn ---- ----

Here's the rest of the song.

         >         >         >         > >
HH  1n1n 2n2n 3n3n 4n4n 1n1n 2n2n 3n3n 4n4n
SD  ---- 2nnn ---- 4nnn ---- 2nnn ---- 4nnn
BD  1nnn ---- 3n3n ---- 1nnn ---- 3n3n ----

Contribuiįão: Rodrigo Cabral ([email protected]) 
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